Free genomic online course available – February 2020

It’s time to learn more about whole genome sequencing

Genomic testing is increasingly being used as part of routine NHS patient care and treatment, and tests such as whole genome sequencing will be more widely available through the new national Genomic Medicine Service (GMS). But what is whole genome sequencing? How does it work and how can it benefit people with cancer, rare or infectious disease, and a range of other conditions?  The Genomic Education Programme’s free, flexible online course, ‘Whole Genome Sequencing: Decoding the Language of Life and Health’, runs again in February 2020 over a three-week period. The content reflects the most current uses of whole genome sequencing in healthcare and includes information about how it will be used in the GMS; including interviews with leading experts such as Professor Dame Sue Hill, England’s chief scientific officer, and those in the fields of oncology, rare and infectious disease.

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