Training Opportunities

 Free online resources and courses

The Genomics Education Programme has produced a number of resources on genomics for various audiences, all of which are available free of charge and open to anyone who is interested:

    • Primary Care Genetics – free online educational modules for all healthcare professionals working in primary care
    • Introduction to Genomics – (1.5 hours) with new technologies we can now examine the whole of a person’s DNA – their genome – quicker and cheaper than ever before. Learn about the fundamentals of genomics and discover its growing importance for healthcare.
    • Introduction to Bioinformatics– (1.5 hours) discover how bioinformatics is becoming increasingly important to contemporary healthcare research and delivery. Learn about the principles and practices, the challenges and the problems it can help to solve.
    • 100,000 Genomes Project: Preparing for the consent conversation– (1.5 hours) this course guides health professionals in the key steps of the Project’s consent process, what to consider when preparing for the discussion with potential participants, and how to address questions and concerns.
    • Sample Processing and DNA Extraction– (1 hour) to ensure good results from whole genome sequencing, the 100,000 Genomes Project requires staff working in molecular genetics and histopathology laboratories at NHS GMCs to adhere to a set of new protocols for the handling and processing of blood and tumour samples.
    • Factsheets– selected genetic conditions outline the key facts of rare and inherited conditions, clinical features, diagnosis, management and treatment. The ‘Genomics in mainstream medicine’ series outline the context and impact of genomics on key clinical specialisms.
    • Flickr Image library– a collection of free-to-use genetics and genomics images.
    • Blog– Online articles covering a wide spread of topics within genomics in the context of healthcare, with a particular focus on awareness-raising, education for healthcare professionals.
    • Video library– showing case studies, emotive patient stories, communicating peer-to-peer, awareness raising and conveying complex subject matter

The Genomic Education Programme’s free, flexible online course, ‘Whole Genome Sequencing: Decoding the Language of Life and Health’, runs again in February 2020 over a three-week period. The content reflects the most current uses of whole genome sequencing in healthcare and includes information about how it will be used in the GMS; including interviews with leading experts such as Professor Dame Sue Hill, England’s chief scientific officer, and those in the fields of oncology, rare and infectious disease. Sign up today.