Genomic Medicine Service – Cancer Education Event – January 29th, 2020, Taunton Racecourse

The South West Genomic Laboratory Hub will be launching new genomic services for cancer patients in 2020. We invite you to join us to hear about how these services will impact on the care of your patients, join us in discussions to shape future genomic strategies, and to provide feedback about sample and reporting pathways. Sessions will include genomic testing in solid tumours and haemato-oncology. We will provide feedback on results from the 100,000 genomes project, and its transition into routine whole genome sequencing for some cancer patients.



The aim of this event is to provide information and educational content around the introduction of the new NHS Genomic Medicine Service and the provision of molecular genetic testing for patients with cancer in the South West Region. The event will promote discussion to support and inform the direction of the future development of genomic testing. This is a collaborative event to bring together organisations tasked with delivering improved cancer services to patients in the south west.


Professionals working in both primary and secondary care across the multi-disciplinary teams, including Clinical Nurse Specialists, oncologists, surgeons, histopathologists, radiologists and MDT co-ordinators


Attendees will be provided with an understanding of genomic medicine applied in practice

  • An understanding of the relevance of genomic testing in cancer care
  • Evidence/case studies to illustrate clinical utility
  • An update on the NHS Genomic Medicine Service An opportunity to inform the future provision of genomic testing in cancer—the design of solid tumour panel testing
  • An opportunity to inform the future provision of genomic testing in cancer—mechanisms to feedback relevant results to clinical teams and patients
  • An understanding of the role of genomic medicine from the perspective of key regional partners (Cancer Alliance, AHSN, South West Clinical Senate)

We hope that you can join us for this exciting educational event – to register please follow this link: