Haematological malignancies clinical case studies & Genomic Laboratory Hub update to support education and training

The West of England Genomic Medicine Centre Tumour Advisory Group aims to provide educational opportunities to facilitate learning and development of clinical colleagues across the region.  During the October 2019 meeting representatives from the Genomic Medicine Centre and the Genomic Laboratory Hub collaborated in order to develop anonymised patient stories that could be used to support clinical education in the area of haematological malignancies.  The team developed and adapted case studies focused on how genomic data can be utilised as part of routine clinical practice for patients with haematological malignancies.  The case studies were recorded so that clinicians who were unable to attend in person could listen/view the materials developed in their own time.  Due to the anonymised nature and ‘size’ of the recordings it was agreed these could be distributed to the group via this dedicated web page on the WE GMC website.

Please note these are clinical case studies – fully anonymised but based on real-world examples – this page is not navigable from our main website however the examples are fully anonymised and therefore suitable for circulation and the discussions are aimed at providing education and training opportunities for members of clinical Haematological Malignancies MDTs in the WE GMC region (for public facing examples provided by patients in a de-anonymised fashion please follow this link to our patient stories page http://www.wegmc.org/taking-part/participant-stories/).

Part 1 of the recording below includes an overview of variant analysis and classification provided by Kirsty Russell, Clinical Scientist from the South West Genomic Laboratory Hub and then clinical case studies chaired by Mr James Bristol, Cancer Lead WE GMC and faciliated by Dr John Moppett, Haematological Malignancies Lead, SW GLH with information and discussion provided by clinicians across the region.


The recording below provides an update by Chris Wragg, Consultant Cancer Clinical Scientist on the Genomic Laboratory Hub which was scheduled to take place during this meeting.


The WE GMC is planning to record further education and training update and case studies and for access to these recordings or if you have any other comments or queries related to either presentation please email nbn-tr.gtab@nhs.net.